from July 06, 2017 to September 14, 2017

10th August - WHITE NIGHT

Events and Exhibitions


From 05:00 p.m. until midnight, Piazza Costituzione: Exhibition of Hobbyists


Extraordinary opening of the Botanical Garden from 9:00 a.m. to 08:00 p.m.


The wine landscapes at the Former Town Hall: The Civic Museums of Cagliari organise a special visit to the exhibition Magnum's great reporters in Sardinia.


08:30 p.m. vico del Collegio - Spazio Sant'Eulalia: Sardinian Experience

Sardinian Experience is an evening, whose aim is to discover Sardinian folklore and music. In the central location of Spazio Sant'Eulalia, it will be possible to have the chance to experience a concert by professional players of Sardinian folk instruments, discover the launeddas, their ancestral music and their relationship to the landscape.


Salt, Sweat, Blood, Photo exhibition by Francesco Zizola (Ticket Office closing time: 11:00 p.m.)


Landscape and identity. Stories of places, women and men. Exhibition at the Former Town Hall, open until midnight.


Until midnight, Elephant Tower: Extraordinary Night Opening and Wine Tasting Routes



Guided Tours


Amici di Sardegna: Astarte and Tuvix under the full moon.

We will make you relive the site of Tuvixeddu with a theatrical guided tour. Astarte, Tuvix and the priestesses will accompany you in this journey to the discovery of the Phoenicians.

Duration: 45 minutes

Departure point and time: via Falzarego (Park entrance); h. 08:00 pm and 09:00 pm

Price:10 euro (free admission for children)

The tour is available in English, French, Spanish and German (advance reservation is required)

For information and reservations: Tel. 070.651884 - 338.3187899 - 333.4226593;

e-mail; website: ​​


Viva Cagliari Tour: guided tour with pedal-assisted bike.

Choose Viva Cagliari Tour and our guided tours with pedal-assisted bike! You will have the opportunity to admire the city from a privileged point of view and without any effort. With us you will visit the historical neighbourhoods: Stampace, with its numerous shrines, Castello, where history and panoramas leave breathless, and Villanova, home to the most important confraternities and the most picturesque flowered streets. An unforgettable experience that will give a tourist taste to your shopping evening.

Duration: 1 hour

Length: 6 km

Difficulty: easy

Departure point and time: Via Carloforte 92; h.08:00 pm and h.9:30 pm

Price per person: 10,00 euro – free for children up to 6 (child bike seats included)

For information and reservations: Tel. and Whatsapp +39 3492368081;

e-mail:; Facebook: Viva Cagliari Tour



Saints, Farmers and “Buttegheris”

An enchanting walk throughout Villanova district, among its alleys with the characteristic houses adorned with coloured flowers. We will discover its origin as district of gardens, its arts, its small shops and the strong relationship with its inhabitants. We will visit the Medieval Cloister of San Domenico and the church of San Giovanni Battista.

Duration: 1 hour and 15 min.

Length: 0, 78 km

Difficulty: low

Departure point and time: Piazza Garibaldi ( corner via XXIV Maggio), 07:00 p.m.

Price: free for children up to six; 3 euro for kids between 7 and 12. Adults 7 euro.



Domination Contamination

People, wares and ways of life coming from the sea. The tour will lead the visitor throughout Marina district, where every street, monument, church and building tell us a centuries-old history of trades. We will end the tour with the tasting of typical Sardinian pastries at the traditional pastry shop Durke.

Duration: 1h and 30min.

Length: 1,2 km


Departure point and time: 09:00 p.m. via Roma in front of the Town Hall

Info: eidèsia srls tel. 3484095448,,

Price: children up to 12, 5€. Adults 12€ (tasting included)


Cagliari Escursioni: A night tour in Cagliari

Former Church of Santa Lucia

Piazza Dettori (Auditorium)

Piazza San Sepolcro (Church)

Piazza Yenne

Via Manno (Church of Saint Michele)

Piazza Martiri (Lions Gate)

Civic Theatre, Elephant Tower

Jewish Ghetto

Porta Cristina

San Pancrazio Tower

Citadel of Museums



Bastion Saint Remy

Piazza Costituzione

Point and time of departure: via Barcellona n. 12, 8:30 pm

Duration: 2 h and 30 min

Price per person: 25,00 euro

The tour is available in English, French and Spanish (advance reservation is required)

For information and reservations: tel. +39 070 7040092 +39 070 7511248;

WhatsApp: +39 3713623396; e-mail;



L'Isola che Vorrei: Travellers in Sardinia

Going through the narrow and suggestive streets of Marina district, crossroads of different cultures over the centuries, we will discover the historical neighbourhood through the eyes and speeches of some travellers and writers who have visited the Island, as Balzac, Fuos and Lawrence.

Duration: 1h and 30 min

Length: 1 km approximately

Difficulty: low

Point and time of departure: Piazza Amendola, 7:00 pm

For information and reservations: Tel. +39 340 4797091; e-mail 

Price per person: 5 euro



All the guided tours are conducted by professional tourist guides registered in the Regional Register according to the Regional Law 18 December 2006, n.20 “Legislation about tourism careers”.

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