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Between past and present, between the city and the sea, Sant'Elia is suburb and heart of Cagliari at the same time.
Visit to Sant'Elia district

This nice hamlet, originally a small fishermen village, is located in the southern part of Cagliari. It stretches towards the hill of Sant'Elia and its cliff, towards Calamosca and its lighthouse, overlooking the sea.

Its narrow streets form small urban labyrinths where the sea breeze †blows among the buildings. The alleys lead to the central square facing the sea, where visitors can find Il Lazzaretto, a municipal cultural centre in an 17th century building that served as a quarantine station for maritime travellers.


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  • A

    Il Lazzaretto

    Via dei Navigatori, snc

    Located at foot of S.Elia Hill, in the past it was used as a quarantine station for maritime travellers, now the Lazzaretto is one of the cultural centre of Cagliari. It houses temporary exhibitions, cultural events, an audiovisual library.

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  • B

    Church of Sant'Elia

    Borgo Sant'Elia

    It is located inside the homonymous district, in the old part of the ancient fishing village. The church was founded in 1953 by Monsignor Paolo Botto. It has a modern structure painted in pink, a gable roof and a square base bell tower.

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  • C

    Prezzemolo Tower

    Via Borgo Sant'Elia

    16th century watchtower, built by the Spaniards as part of the coastal defensive system, designed to secure the island against raid or attack from the sea.

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  • D

    Sant'Ignazio blockhouse

    Colle Sant'Elia

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  • E

    Cagliari 1920 History & Gallery

    via Raimondo Carta Raspi

    Cagliari Football Club Museum

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