Saint Remy rampart

Saint Remy rampart

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Provided services:

  • Bar
  • Toilet
  • Facilities for elderly and disabled
Saint Remy rampart

In the heart of the old town, the Saint Remy Rampart is one of the most important monuments in Cagliari and one of the most prestigious exhibition areas in the city centre.

The Saint Remy Rampart is to be numbered among Cagliari's most valuable monumental complexes. Built on the ancient defensive curtains of the medieval boundary walls, owes its name to the first Piedmontese Viceroy, Baron of Saint Remy.
The majestic panoramic terrace "Umberto I" and the underlying gallery known as Passeggiata Coperta were designed in 1896 by Giuseppe Costa e Fulgenzio Setti. The imposing structure, built in a classic style, with white and yellow limestone columns and corinthian capitals, was inaugurated in 1901. In 1943, the double flight of steps and the triumphal arch were gravely damaged by War World II bombings, but later the distroyed parts were accurately reconstructed.

Over time, the Passeggiata Coperta housed several activities. At first, the gallery was used as a banquet hall, but in the war period served as an infirmary and later as a shelter for people displaced by the bombings.
In 1948, it housed the first edition of the International Trade Fair of Sardinia. 

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