from February 17, 2018 hours 17:30 to February 17, 2018 hours 20:00

Vita agli arresti di Aung San Suu Kyi - Teatro delle Albe (fillm)

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Sardegna Teatro - Season 2018 at Teatro Massimo


written and directed by: Marco Martinelli

with the patronage of: Amnesty International Italy and the Association for Friendship between Italy and †Burma Giuseppe Malpeli

produced by: Teatro delle Albe - Ravenna Teatro

coproduction: StartCinema

with: Ermanna Montanari , Elio De Capitani and the friendly participation of Sonia Bergamasco, Roberto Magnani, Fagio, Alice Protto, Massimiliano Rassu ,Vincenzo Nemolato and Christian Giroso in the part of "Mustache Brothers" and for the first time on screen: Ippolita Ginevra Santandrea , Sara Briccolani , Alessandra Brusi, Catalina Burioli, Olimpia Isola , Benedetta Velotti

Photography director: Pasquale Mari

scenography: Edoardo Sanchi

editing: Natalie Cristiani

supervising editor: Jacopo Quadri

music: Luigi Ceccarelli

sound design: Maurizio Argentieri

distributed by: RUNNING TV and EMERA FILM

Awards: Marco Martinelli 4 Ubu Prizes for dramaturgy and direction; Ermanna Montanari Eleonora Duse Award 2013

Teatro's delle Albe movie evokes Aung San Suu Kyi's twenty yeasr house arrest with a charming and visionary artistic gaze. The tale begins with the entry of a child in a costume shop: Aung San Suu Kyi's fight for Burmese democracy is described as an oniric travel starting as a gaurdy and noisy adventure.

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