from December 19, 2017 hours 21:00 to December 19, 2017 hours 23:00

The Voices of Victory

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The Christmas Gospel Show

Perfect Harmony is a family affair: created in 1992 by Jennifer Ingram, with her talented daughters Nicole and Chrystal and Christian Spirit Taylor, Niki's husband, as a pianist.


Inspired by groups of female singers such as Clark Sisters, The Pace Sisters En Vogue, SWV, Mary Mary and others, from a "philosophic" and religious point of view, this group wants to recreate in music the Perfect Harmony that should exist in everyone's life.


After sharing the stage with gospel and rock-pop music celebrities such as Robin Gibb (The Bee Gees), The Simple Minds, Sinead O'Connor, Rini-tee 5: 7, Ron Kenoly, Martha Munizzi, Stellar Award Nominee Elder Jimmy Hicks, and Stellar Award Nominee Dana Mackey, it was the appearance at the famous TV programme "Celebration of Gospel" to give them the opportunity to release their first album "The Next Level" with the Chrystol Clear Coundz record label.

This work, as well as giving the band a chance for concerts, radio and TV appearances, was awarded at the South Florida Gospel Music Awards as the "best new gospel group of the year", "best gospel trio" and "best new artist".


Perfect Harmony, in 2014, has expanded its formation, which includes multiple voices and rhythm section, named The Voices of Victory, becoming a dynamic and powerful group, gaining space in Atlanta theatres and television, and over the ocean, with several tours in Europe.

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