from October 8, 2017 hours 11:00 to November 26, 2017 hours 19:00

Signs, Traces, Territories

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International Engraving Exhibition

From the 8th of October to the 26th of November 2017, the Castle of San Michele exhibits a selection of engravings from the international activities of Casa Falconieri.

Seventy works by national and international artists are be the protagonists of the exhibition, included in the International Engraving Festival by Casa Falconieri that takes place between the city of Bilbao (Spain) and Cagliari (Italy).

Signs, Traces, Territories” reveals that Sardinia is a meeting point of innovative approaches and tells about the creative energies and the possibilities to gather international artists around an artistic project.

 The Signs mark engraved sheets, become material and leave Traces, defining Territories, the passing of time and its memory. Traces of a complex thought, of a Territory that is both physical and mental, of an uninterrupted reflection.

The exhibition path, made up of installations, panels and pictures, lets the visitor understand the artistic language. A workshop will make the participants realize the characteristics of engraving art also from the practical point of view.

Among the side events, there will be also meeting with artists and collectors and movie shows.

The artists

Gabriella Locci, Rosanna Rossi, Valerio Gaeti, Veronica Gambula, Alberto Marci, Antonio Mallus, Francesco Alpigiano, Veronica Paretta, Mauro Rombi, Antonio Loi, Raffaella Rivi, Luca Lai, Rachele Sotgiu and Paolo Marchi (Italy).  

Bernardi Roig, Fernando Evangelio, Ignacio Llamas and Jezabel Rodriguez (Spain).

Moisi Guga (Albany), Woitciek Tylber Kubrakiewicz (Poland), Michel Kotschoubey (Belgium), Omar Zaballa (Basque Country), Ana Vivoda (Croatia), Sofia Peirano (Argentina) and Mariela Canchari (Peru).

City map
  • Castle of San Michele

    Via Sirai, via Cinquini, s.n.c. - Castello di San Michele - Cagliari

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