from March 22, 2017 hours 19:00 to May 22, 2017 hours 20:00

Performing green

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HEROES 20.20.20

The “MGallery” programme starts with Performing green, a journey into the sustainable production in the audio-visual sector in Sardinia. With this exhibition, Sardegna Teatro and EXMA-Exhibiting and Moving Arts, together with Fondazione Sardegna Film Commission, take up the environmental and social sustainability objectives pursued by the Europe Plan 20.20.20, aimed to reduce of the 20% the energy demand and CO2 emissions, increasing the renewable energies of the same percentage by 2020.

Thanks to the exhibition, visitors can understand and deepen the film industry and its mechanisms in Sardinia, gaining awareness of those individual and collective efforts that are leading this sector to an environmentally-friendly turning point.

Performing green is designed to respond to the principles of sustainability both in contents as in the realization processes and linguistic formalization. Prevalently made by means of digital media and easily transportable materials, it is intended to be agile in handling and installation, and therefore sustainable in its proposal in different contexts and times.

The event is focused on the cultural productions supported by the programme "Heroes 20.20.20" (planned by Sardegna Film Commission in collaboration with Sardegna Ricerche and the Department of Industry - Energy Service of the Autonomous Region of Sardinia, in the years 2014- 2015), namely the forms of audio-visual communication that have invested in energy saving actions , awareness raising projects and production calls for young talents.

The small projection room presents the short films and web series realized with the support of "Heroes 20.20.20", scheduled on the base of thematic cycles, while the photographic section completes the exhibition with pictures by Alessandro Toscano and Carlos Solito.

Alessandro Toscano reveals the backstage of recording activities within the “Heroes 20.20.20” programme. Carlos Solito, instead, exhibits a reportage about Ogliastra territories and their many centenarians, creating a multimedia installation in which the pictures interact with the music by Gavino Murgia.

Chent'Annos (“One hundred years”, the title of the reportage) is part of “Sardinia Endless Island” project by Sardegna Film Commission, aimed to raise awareness with which the Sardinia Film Commission has put in place awareness-raising on the issue of quality of life as a driver for sustainable development of the Region.

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