from July 12, 2018 hours 09:00 to September 9, 2018 hours 20:00

Men of Water

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Daniele Virdis' solo exhibition

Men of water is a photographic project whose subject is Sardinia and its relationship with water.


The exhibition, that inaugurates at the Ghetto on July 12, collects a copious selection of images produced in 2012 and a series of new shots that in the following years have enlarged the original theme. It proposes a path that winds through the whole territory of the island, exploring landscapes "marked" by the presence of man and always connected to an essential relationship with water: the coastal settlements, witnesses of ancient relationships with the people who came from the sea and now became lively and dynamic ports and cities; the lighthouses, the sacred wells, the dams, up to the most recent scenarios linked to drought, where the water is told through its absence, in the waterloggeds lands re-emerge and with them the traces of old balances, dry walls, nuraghi.


The exhibition consists of sixty large-format photographic prints, assembled on aluminum panels.

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