from February 10, 2019 hours 11:00 to January 31, 2020 hours 18:00

Maria Lai: Opera Sola

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Exhibition dedicated to Maria Lai

Opera Sola is the name of a room and the title of a group of exhibitions and in-depth studies on the works of civic heritage that individually and from time to time will be on display.

This year, Municipal Gallery of Modern Art dedicates an Opera Sola event to Maria Lai. In a small room, created in 2017 to host the “Caryatid” by Modigliani, visitors will find, in rotation from the 10th of February 2019 to January 2020, four works by the famous Sardinian artist. Through a path that traces the cultural context and the history of the work and its author, visitors will finally reach and admire the creation of Maria Lai.

The first of these works, on display from February to June, is a never seen piece from the end of the fifties and it representes the first step of bread makingFrom July to September, will display The frame, property of Cagliari's Civic Collection, and Weapons of Peace, gathered in the exhibition as Maria Lai had arranged in her home in Cagliari.

The third work, on display from October to November, is a 1978 sewn painting. The last one, on display from December 2019 to January 2020, is a 1988 Geography.

The exhibition involves all the Gallery areas, according to the idea of creating relationships and dialogues between the works and the public.

The Game of Cards by Maria Lai explains to visitors how to become an artist, how to read art and how to explain art: the presence of four decks (Symbolic Places, Relative Places, Common Places and Parallel Places) in the renovated painting room of the Municipal Gallery will provide a game for adults and kids to develop their interest in art.


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