from July 11, 2020 hours 10:00 to October 11, 2020 hours 21:00

I had three chairs in my house

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Exhibition by Maria Jole Serreli

I had three chairs in my house presents through an unusual installation the last five years of research by the artist Maria Jole Serreli.
The exhibition is a reconstruction of the rooms of the atelier house that, in Marrubiu, in the province of Oristano, the artist inherited from her dear great-aunt, a second mother for her, transforming it into a place of experimentation and artistic dialogue. All the furnishings and objects of the house - deeply marked by the passage of female existences - have been preserved, the outfits and even the smallest piece of fabric have been saved and used for the creation of original works, which represent a bridge between past and present.
The exhibition unfolds in a succession of rooms-installations, preceded by a further work on display in the small square inside the EXMA. Each hall presents different works, coinciding with the most important moments of Serreli's research. Memories and roots creates strong connections with the surrounding world: the exhibition path winds through objects that rediscover the charm of small things, which are capable of creating a harmonious relationship with the nature, dirt, wood and stone of our island. Furthermore, it is possible to admire some recent works, never exhibited before, made by the artist as part of a cultural exchange with China.

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