from May 2, 2019 hours 09:00 to May 24, 2019 hours 17:00


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Insects exhibition at the Tigellio's Villa

The EntomologiKa exhibition, set up by Giuseppe Cuboni in collaboration with Orientare Cultural Association, proposes a new vision of a world usually considered to be different, disgusting and frightening for erroneous beliefs, superstitions, commonplaces. Insects are parasites and can also transmit diseases, others are repellent. But the ones that are judged to be repulsive, like for example the "scavengers" and the "necrofori", carry out a valuable action for nature and for man himself. Only a better knowledge can allow us to overcome these wrong beliefs and clichés. The purpose of the exhibition is to make us appreciate these wonderful beings: visitors will discover what an insect really is, how they are made and how they move in our world.

We will discover their diversity, their special adaptations to life, their peculiarities that inspire and amaze us. We will know the vastness of this group, the largest of all living organisms.

The collection was possible thanks to the high prolificacy of these animals, that allows the collection without damage for the conservation of the species.

Animals are collected for over 20 years from all over the world by Giuseppe Cuboni, passionate naturalist and entomologist: his aim is to study and to make know these small, colorful and different micro-monsters.

It will be possible to admire well-preserved specimens of the most beautiful insects in the world: colorful beetles (insects with so spectacular colors that they seem to be creations of goldsmith masters), lovely butterflies, beetles worthy of a jeweler's best showcase (such as Eudicella, Chrysina, Carabus, Eupholus, Pachyrrhynchus), flying deer with enormous jaws and giant beetles with horns worthy of a microdynosaur.


Come and discover these wonderful little monsters!

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