from March 22, 2017 hours 17:00 to May 14, 2017 hours 18:00

Enosim. The place of the spirits

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Thierry Konarzewski photo exhibition

The waste landed on the shores of San Pietro in Sardinia is full of mysterious faces in the exciting shots of the French photographer born in Africa. The exhibition, set in the charming and ancient space “Cartec” carved out space in limestone rock and adjacent to the Municipal Art Gallery, is dedicated to waste.

Crucial topic, well known to contemporary artists, but addressed by Konarzewski with an original approach, through a research that stands out from the multitude of variations on the ecological theme.

"Enosim" - from the name that the Phoenicians gave the island of San Pietro in Sardinia - is a mapping of disturbing presences, faces the photographer finds and portrays in the morphology of consumed, mutilated and broken plastic objects, bins, buckets, jerrycans and bottles brought by the sea into the coves of Carloforte exposed to winds and currents. Konarzewski assiduously frequents those shores, in a relationship with dead things that is dialectical as well as formal.


The exhibition, curated by Raffaella Venturi, is made up of 26 large-sized portraits (100 x 150 cm) of a strong impact, expressiveness and evocative force. "Wandering entities", as defined by the photographer, the only who can recognize them and, as a modern shaman, give them a soul and a form of beauty, "a dangerous beauty, because they will survive" as the bad conscience of our civilization. "The vision is the point" writes Venturi. Sometimes, the faces found and portrayed by Konarzewski are made of small pieces of plastic or Styrofoam. The photographer transforms also their size, as he does not modify the photos in post-production, except for the enlargement. “In order to highlight the spirits of those objects, abandoned in contempt of nature. To see the great in the little, a new form in the loss, a new story in the end of the previous one. And, more important, to wait for the light to reveal it. The light as an epiphany, the last phase of life for that waste of humanity.


Born in Africa in 1960, Thierry Konarzewski lives between France and Italy. Advertising agencies Art Director, sculptor and photographer, he has been working on the themes of chaos and change since 2005, through photographic works focused on wrecks and ballasts, as a metaphor of the human soul, of our relationship with the body, of the death and the sacred.

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