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Art and communication by Federico Clapis

EXMA presents a new, ambitious art project, particularly appropriate while facing these uncertain times. The project is focused on Federico Clapis, contemporary Italian artist and communicator whose multifaceted and unsettling work goes beyond expressive boundaries, escaping any codified definition.
What is art? What is communication? Can there be a separation, today, between the sphere of artistic creation and its sharing? Of course, not only today - but as always - art and communication converge within a complex system of forces determined by scientifical, technological and sociocultural phenomena. However, more and more often, contemporaneity generates interference thanks to which subjects meet, collide and intersect.
After a great success on the Web, gaining millions of followers and viewers via viral videos,
Federico decided in 2015 to move away from pure entertainment and use his online presence to exclusively share his artistic research. This research has a great originality on the national and international scene and uses technology as a metaphor, becoming even more current in these unprecedented and exceptional times marked by the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, our lives, exponentially permeated by the experience of new and social media, have already been affected for year by the fluctuation of languages and relationships (human, professional, cultural). But the coronavirus pandemic and its disruption on the entire planet have caused and are still causing a radical rethinking of sociality and interaction between people, mixing what happens in physical space and what happens online. Like never before, by being connected and hyper-connected, we
have been more aware that what we do, say and learn online, does not belong to a virtual context, it is strongly positioned in our reality.
Contact Zone is an open project, hybrid by its very nature. It is an exhibition full of contents
specifically designed to be enjoyed online but it is also an exhibition that, despite everything, we were keen to set up in its concrete materiality. The EXMA’s exhibition spaces have become a metaphysical square and display a wide selection of the artist's production, including the most recent works, conceived during last spring's lockdown. The selection includes several threedimensional canvases belonging to the Actor on Canvas series, for which Clapis scanned himself, literally bringing his own image into the works, reconsidering in an unprecedented way the selfportrait concept. The exhibition moreover includes Clapis’ most representative sculptures, made with the support of technology, that strongly embodied the public and private implications of globalized communication, our conditioning and dependencies in the post digital era. Finally, the works, including video installations, which grasp the persuasive and emotional power of visuals in mass culture addressing the issues of migration and environmentalism.
So: what role does art play in a society that, as predicted by Walter Benjamin, warns of the danger of the definitive abyss but continues to turn its gaze towards the inevitability of the future? 
Federico Clapis does not take moralistic positions and does not provide predetermined
interpretations. He questions us, forcing us to observe the changes in the way we perceive the world and live our relationship with others. In short, he asks us to think and rethink what our contact zone is, and what it looks like.

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