from July 26, 2018 hours 21:00 to July 26, 2018 hours 23:00

Cesare Basile in concert

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Waves Festival

Waves Festival is a festival dedicated to music and songs. On stage only few elements, some instruments and a lot of emotionality. Waves Festival prefers singers and guitar songwriters, bands that deconstruct their sound in favour of a reduced and essential sound and visual approach, making the audience live a unique experience.


Cesare Basile/Bio

Cesare Basile comes back with a new album of stories and songs. It's a singing of the dark and deep soul.

Once again, he chooses the Sicilian dialect, which becomes language and sound, dark and alive, archaic and contemporary at the same time. The sound of the record marks a totally new musical flow: it is a Mediterranean mantra made of blues and African music, hypnotic songs often based on a single chord, vocal polyphonies and female counterpoints, obsessive percussive poly-rhythms.

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