from January 25, 2016 hours 12:00 to December 31, 2016 hours 23:30

Cagliari: European City of Sport 2017

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Our open-air gym becomes the European City of Sport 2017!

With a letter dated 8 October 2016 and signed by the president of Aces Europe Gian Francesco Lupattelli, Cagliari has been recognised “European City of Sport 2017”, together with Aosta, Pesaro and Vicenza.

Among the reasons of the choice, there are the sport policies adopted in the last years and the projects (the accomplished ones, the ongoing ones and the ones that are ready to start and to requalify the structures), the programmes and the promotion of free open-air sport activity, thought as accessible and as a source aimed to increase integration, respect and quality of life.

The project of Cagliari as an open-air gym has been fully endorsed: the first recognition will take place in Rome on the 8th of November, within a public ceremony with the highest Italian sport authorities. On the 16th of November, Cagliari will be officially awarded at the European Parliament in Bruxelles.

Therefore, the policies to promote sport activities and events will get even stronger, as well as the process of redevelopment of public areas to let everyone do physical activity without having to move from their neighborhood. Sport events at all levels will be promoted and enhanced to spread the culture of physical activity among citizens.

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