from August 2, 2018 hours 19:00 to November 4, 2018 hours 20:00

'68 - Materials for a Progressive Museum

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A new exhibition project by the Civic Museums of Cagliari.

A new exhibition project takes place at the Former Town Hall. Thursday, August 2 at 07.00pm the exhibition " '68 Materials for a Progressive Museum" will be inaugurated.

The exposition, curated by Paola Mura and Ugo Ugo, remembers, 50 years later, the artistic and cultural landscape of Cagliari, proposing again to the public the innovative experiences, that between the 60s and 70s, succeeded to create in Cagliari one of the most complete contemporary art collections of Italy.

In the halls of the Former Town Hall, the setting up presents an exhibition of the rooms inspired by the one proposed by Ugo at the Municipal Art Gallery in 1975, at the inauguration of the exhibition entitled "Materials for a public contemporary art centre". The rooms are set up to maintain the immediacy and the surprising impact on the visitor then proposed, accompanied by "the didactic band" that, without visual intrusions with the works, offers a "double" didactic reading: those of the moment of gathering of the collection and the current one.

To allow the visitors to immerse themselves in the spirit of the collective movements of '68, the exhibition is enriched with documents that testify the process of the constitution of the collection, as evidenced in the correspondence between the director and the artists at the time of acquisition of the works, which shows the enthusiastic adhesion to the revolutionary project.

The photographic material and the press review of the time highlight the debate and the attention that the innovative experience of Cagliari, apparently a peripheral location, created, to be finally proposed as an avant-garde point whose outcome was the contemporary art collection of the Municipal Art Gallery, one of the most interesting and complete in Italy.

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