from October 28, 2017 to November 01, 2017

The Municipality of Cagliari participates for the consecutive sixth year to the national event “14th National Day of Urban Trekking”, organised by the Municipality of Siena.

This year's theme is: "Trekking among mysteries and legends..." a captivating theme that will create useful paths to join the urban trekking with Cagliari's anecdotes.


What is urban trekking:

An activity that combines sport, art, taste and the will to discover the most untrodden and interesting corners of the city, through itineraries characterized by steep rises and drops of terrain along with stairways. A form of “vagabonding” tourism, free and rich with surprises, suitable to all ages, without a peculiar preventive training.

Urban trekking is also a healthy activity for the body and mind, moreover it has a positive attitude towards the city because it allows to relieve traffic congestion as far as the conventional tourists streams are concerned, as well as broadening the visits radius to the suburban areas, in order to prolong sojourns and stays overnight.


An experience to share, even in an internet context on the “Trekking Urbano” facebook page, where to receive updates in order to be constantly briefed on the itineraries in all the related cities, as well as an opportunity to join the online community, where to exchange suggestions, share photos and videos.

Urban trekking, one of the new frontiers of sustainable and sensorial tourism, is the original initiative conceived in 2002 by the Municipality of Siena, that every year involves tens of regional and provincial capitals, finalized to rediscover the cities as spaces to pass through by feet, with no hurry, recapturing one's own time, as well as the memory and the identity of places.

Urban trekking, that amuses and touches who practises it, is also a healthy activity that can help to stay physically fit.

If performed at least 20 minutes a day, fast walking, apart from training muscles, may also help to fight heart attack risks, depression, along with osteoporosis.

For further information about the itineraries and trails proposed by the thirty cities joining the 14th National Day of Urban Trekking:


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