Thursday July 01, 2021

With the City Council resolution n. 60 of 19/04/2021, the Municipality of Cagliari established the tourist tax.
The tax has been in effect since 01/07/2021 and is applied to each overnight stay of non-residents in the Municipality of Cagliari. In the case of consecutive nights, the tax is paid up to a maximum of 5 consecutive nights.
The tax rate for this accommodation facility is:
- 2 euro per person per night for 4 and 5 star hotels;
- 1,50 euro per person per night for 3 star hotels;
- 1 euro per person per night for 1 and 2 star hotels;
- 1,50 euro per person per night for other accomodations.
The following exemptions are foreseen:
• minors up to the age of 12 and the elderly over the age of 70;
• the sick, who must undergo medical examinations, treatments or therapies in day hospital
at health facilities, as well as those who assist patients hospitalized in health facilities, at
the rate of one companion per patient. In the case of patients under the age of eighteen,
both parents are exempt. The patient or accompanying person must declare, on a specific
form prepared by the Municipality and provided by the manager of the accommodation
facility, pursuant to articles 46 and 47 of the Presidential Decree n. 445 of 2000 and
subsequent amendments, that the stay at the accommodation is aimed at receiving health
services from the patient or being able to provide assistance to the patient;
• disabled people, whose disability condition is evident or certified in accordance with current
Italian legislation and similar provisions of the countries of origin for foreign citizens and
their companion;
• students who stay overnight for actual attendance of study courses that are certified by the
respective universities or training bodies, accredited by local authorities, as long as they
can be documented in accordance with articles 46 and 47 of the Presidential Decree n. 445
of 2000 and subsequent amendments;
• subjects who stay in accommodation facilities following measures adopted by public
authorities, to deal with situations of a social nature as well as emergency resulting from
disasters or events of an extraordinary nature or for humanitarian aid purposes;
• volunteers who serve in the event of a disaster;
• bus drivers and tour leaders who provide assistance to groups organized by travel and
tourism agencies. The exemption applies to each bus driver and to a tour leader for every
25 participants;
• personnel belonging to the state police and other armed forces who carry out public order
and security activities, as defined in the Consolidated Law on Public Security R.D. 18 June
1931, n. 773, and the subsequent Implementing Regulation referred to in the R.D. 6 May
1940, n. 635.
The above exemptions must be certified and demonstrated by the persons responsible for paying the tax by submitting appropriate documentation. 

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