New Year's Eve

Thursday December 31, 2015

Piazza Savoia

Mudras Quartet (live)

One of the most important jazz bands in Sardinia, through its international experiences and an excellent disco-graphic production. They are: Giovanni Sanna Passino on trumpet, Mariano Tedde on the piano, Massimo Russino on drums and Salvatore Maltana on double bass.

Zimbra (D.j. Set)

Andrea Mereu, alias Zimbra, has always loved music, his grandfather and father were musicians, his uncle worked in Milan at Philips factory and gave him lot of vinyl records. He chose his pseudonym thinking of the “Talking Heads”, and of a period of his recent past as drummer of the blues-punk band  “Slow Fasters” and now he is a DJ, playing any kind of music from disco to jazz, from punky and funky to MICRO, techno and house music.
Twice artistic director of the “JazzExpò” he collaborated with DJ Woopy at Jazz Festival “sulle Bocche”, Marina CN and with Radio X, he is also the creator of “Sònasona Festival” and he participated at “Stramb Fest”. In 2013-2014 he was the artistic director at the Bastion of St. Remy. His eclectic sets range from the Earth's sounds to those of time, the “good vibrations” are everywhere, electric, electronic and analogical music, synth, voices, winds, circularity and melodies, rhythm, Africa.
The New Years' Eve Set in Cagliari is “Eclectic in 4/4”.

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