New Year's Eve 2017

from December 31, 2016 to January 01, 2017

In line with the success of recent years, New Year's Eve in Cagliari will involve the entire city: five squares will be animated by free concerts, video mapping, live music and DJ set. The experienced formula offers different kinds of music in Piazza Yenne, Piazza San Giacomo, Piazzetta Savoia, Bastion of Santa Croce and Piazza Italia in Pirri, for a big party throughout the entire city. The aim is once again to involve the citizens and tourists of all ages who want to spend the last hours of the year in Cagliari in a big party in the streets. From swing, to rap, to jazz, folk and pop, fun is once again guaranteed.

The band Monaci del Surf and the Sardinian artist Madh, one of the main protagonists of the last X Factor Edition in Italy, will perform in Piazza Yenne. The Mudras Quartet and DJ Set Zimbra, will animate Piazza San Giacomo. Adele Grandulli Vintage Evolution Quartet will perform in Piazzetta Savoia, and after the toast, it will be possible to dance with Diaz DJ Set. Street Beat and DJ Set Fabio Leoni will be the protagonists in the Bastion of Santa Croce.Finally, in Piazza Italia in Pirri, music by Mambo Djambo and from midnight DJ set with Alessandro Diomedi.

Furthermore, the days before New Year's Eve will be characterized also by different kind of events that will animate the whole town.

On December 28, the Chorus Franca Devinu will perform in Piazza Costituzione at 7 p.m.

On the 29th of December in the Ampitheatre inside the park La Vetreria, Burattini Anima and Chorus Is Mascareddas Show, starting from 4.30 p.m.

The 30th of December, the travelling show Marching Band Sugubambu at 7 p.m. will perform in Piazza Yenne and Piazza Garibaldi.

On December 31st all the streets involved in New Year's Day events will be marked also by some activities as the Creative Make up Corner by Katia Mossa, the Maccus Circus with its jugglers and entertainers and finally, poetic animations inside Santa Chara and Viale Regina Elena elevators.


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