from February 28, 2019 to March 10, 2019

Carnival in Cagliari is a collective celebration, inclusive and strongly participated. As in the past, it still is a creative and ironic workshop, animated by local associations. In addition to the representatives of the historic districts and the little village of Giorgino (Sa Ratantira Casteddaia di Stampace, Villaggio Pescatori di Giorgino, A.C.S Senza Confini-Quartiere Marina), 2019 celebrations are organized also by new realities, such as Tra Parola e Musica-Casa di Suoni e Racconti, Domus de Luna, Exmè and Cagliari Vespa Club.


Celebrations reach their climax on Shrove Sunday, when the bogus King George ("Cancioffali") is burnt at the stake, symbolizing the end of Carnival and the beginning of Lenten season.


If you want to experience the noisy and sacrilegious Carnival atmosphere, do not miss the Piñata Sunday (the first Sunday of Lent), dedicated to the traditional Vespa race called "Vespiglia", a funny and colourful tribute to Sartiglia (the famous horse race of Oristano Carnival). The choice of Vespiglia's location is a tribute to the history of the city: in ancient times, during the Carnival period, Stampace district was the scene of spectacular races of horses in pairs.


"For generations, San Michele race was the symbol of Cagliari Carnival together with the ratantiras, masked people that walked down the streets of the town to the rhythmic sound of drums, plates and, in the absence of anything better, of steel milk cans, endlessly beaten...." (Francesco Alziator)



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