362nd Feast of Sant'Efisio

from May 01, 2018 to May 04, 2018

The Procession

On the 1st of May, the procession is opened by the Tracas which are carts towed by decorated oxen. To the feast, thirty or forty carts usually participate coming from different towns of the province of Cagliari. Then, there are folkloric groups wearing typical Sardinian clothes who sing or say some prayers of Sardinian tradition called gocius. Behind these groups, there are the horses. The Cavalieri del Campidano (Campidano's Horsemen) start the parade with horses decorated with cockades and rosettes. After them, it is the turn of the Miliziani (Militiamen) with arquebus and sabres. The procession with the horses continues with the Guardianìa, wearing a tailcoat, a top hat and a blue strip in the hips. In the front row, the Third Guardian keeps the standard of the Archconfraternity.


With a tailcoat, a top hat and a strip representing the Italian flag the Alter Nos, representing the mayor of Cagliari, continues the procession along with the members of the Archconfraternity of the Gonfalone. The first of them keeps a crucifix of the XVIII century. Two of them called "the Collaterals" stay on the sides of the cart to open its doors to allow people to put flowers, offerings, ex voto and supplications in, when the procession stops. The arrival of the cart with the simulacrum is announced by the sound of launeddas, a typical Sardinian wind instrument. A big yoke of oxen decorated with flowers and driven by Su Carradori tows the cart. In Via Roma, in front of the dignitaries' stand the cart continues its procession on a carpet of flowers (sa ramadura), welcomed by the sirens of the boats docked in the port. This is a touching moment, also because the crowd goes towards the Saint to beg for a grace. Then the cart continues its road to Nora with the believers who made the vow to walk.


2018 religious programme


APRIL 25 Church of Saint Efisio

10.00 am The Cart of Saint Efisio enters inside the church

11.00 am The flag and the standards are consigned to the Militiamen (Miliziani)

6.30 pm The flag is consigned to the Third Guardian

APRIL 29 Church of Saint Efisio

6.00 pm Ceremonial dressing of the Simulacrum

7.30 pm Eufonia Female Chorus from Gavoi in traditional Sardinian costume

APRIL 30 Church of Saint Efisio

10.00 am Ceremonial ornament of the Simulacrum with golden votive jewels

12.00 am Holy Mass for the enthronement of Saint Efisio into the Cart, presided by Monsignor Ottavio Utzeri, Prelate Protector of the Archconfraternity and parish priest of the Collegiate of Sant'Anna.

7.00 pm Solemn pontifical presided by Monsignor Paolo Mario Virgilio Atzei, Emeritus Archbishop of Sassari

9.00 pm Prayer vigil


MAY 1 Church of Saint Efisio

6.00 am Recitation of the Holy Rosary in Sardinian language

7.00 am Solemn Holy Dawn Mass, presided by Don Francesco Farris, Chaplain of the Archconfraternity.

8.00-9.00-10.00 am Holy Masses

10:00 a.m. - The traditional Campidano carts, called Tracas, open the procession, followed by about 3500 devotees in traditional costumes from all over Sardinia.

11.00 am Celebration of the Alter Nos Holy Mass, presided by Monsignor Ottavio Utzeri, Prelate Protector of the Archconfraternity.

12.00 am Departure of the Cart from the Church of St Efisio, following the processional path:

Via Azuni, Piazza Yenne, Corso Vittorio Emanuele, Via Sassari, Piazza del Carmine, Via Crispi, Via G.M. Anjoy, Via Mameli, Largo Carlo Felice, Via Roma (City Hall side), Via Sassari, Viale La Playa, Villaggio Pescatori in Giorgino at the Church of Staint Efisio (arrival around 3 p.m);

At the arrival in Giorgino, the Simulacrum changes clothes and Cart.

From Giorgino to La Maddalena Spiaggia the Simulacrum is carried on the Chariot of the Military Command of Sardinia.

4.30 pm From La Maddalena Spiaggia, the procession continues along the Provincial Route up to Frutti D'Oro. After the celebration of the Holy Mass in Su Loi, the procession stops at Villa d'Orrì for the Eucharistic Blessing in the private chapel of the Marquis of Villahermosa.

7.00 pm Holy Mass at the Church of Saint Efisio in Cagliari

11.00 pm The Simulacrum arrives in Sarroch where it stops for the night.



7.00 pm Holy Mass at the Church of Saint Vittoria in Sarroch

8.00 pm The pilgrimage continues from Sarroch to Villa San Pietro, towards Pula

2.30 pm Arrival in Pula at the Church of Saint Giovanni Battista

6.00 pm Departure towards Nora

7.00 pm Holy Mass at Saint Efisio Church in Nora



8.00-9.00-10.00 am Holy Mass at Saint Efisio Church in Nora

11.00 am Solemn Pontifical Mass presided by Monsignor Arrigo Miglio Archbishop of Cagliari

5.15 pm Celebration of the Holy Mass

6.00 pm Solemn procession with the Simulacrum along the way to the archaeological area of Nora and on the beach.

7.00 pm Holy Mass at the Church of Saint Efisio in Cagliari

7.30 pm Procession towards the Church of San Giovanni Battista in Pula



7.30 pm Beginning of the pilgrimage to Cagliari, through Villa San Pietro, Sarroch, Villa d'Orrì, Su Loi, Maddalena Spiaggia and Giorgino, where the Simulacrum changes clothes and Cart.

8.00 pm Holy Mass in Nora in honour of the dead brothers

7.00 pm Holy Mass at the Church of Saint Efisio in Cagliari

7.30 pm "Aspettando il rientro del Santo" (Waiting for Saint Efisio). The Association Cantores Mundi of Cagliari, directed by M' Boris Smocovich and the Cuncurdia a Launeddas directed by M' Gianfranco Meloni perform in the "Missa Cantada" by Franciscu Congia and the launeddas.

7.00 pm The procession moves from Villa Ballero in Giorgino towards Cagliari

11.30 pm The simulacrum arrives to the Church of Saint Efisio in Stampace (Cagliari)

After the Eucharistic Blessing, the president of the Archconfraternity proclaims the fulfilment of vow.



Holy Mass

From the 5th to the 25th of May, in the afternoon, a “Novena” is read in honour of the Saint.

On May 22nd , forty hours of veneration of the Saint are celebrated with Rosary that tells the entire life of the Saint

On the 25th of May, the celebrations in honour of Saint Efisio officially end.

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