362nd Feast of Sant'Efisio

from May 01, 2018 to May 04, 2018

The Path of Saint Efisio

On the 12th of March 2014, the Municipality of Cagliari, together with the municipalities of Pula, Villa San Pietro, Capoterra and Sarroch, the archiepiscopal Curia Diocese of Cagliari, the Regional Directorate for Cultural Heritage and Landscape of Sardinia (Ministry of Culture and Tourism) and the Superintendence of Architecture, Landscape, Historical, Artistic and Ethno-anthropological Heritage of the Provinces of Cagliari and Oristano (Ministry of Culture and Tourism) signed the Protocol of Agreement for the implementation of safeguard measures of the "Rite of fulfilment of the Vow and the Feast of Saint Efisio".

The Protocol is a programme of activities aimed to protect and preserve the cultural diversity, the biodiversity and the cultural, artistic, religious, historical and environmental context of the area involved in the Rite, with particular attention to the territories crossed by the Saint along the processional path during the Feast of May 1- 4, according to the Unesco Conventions.

The Municipal Administrations and their scientific and religious communities have committed to start a strategic plan to make the Path of Saint Efisio entirely available all year round, including churches, places of worship, areas of environmental, archaeological, historical and cultural interest throughout the route.

By Decree n. 2 (5 February 2015), the Regional Administration has enrolled the Path of Saint Efisio in the Register of the religious and spiritual itineraries. This important recognition marks another milestone in the programme of preservation and enhancement of the Feast of Saint Efisio, launched by the underwriters of the Protocol.

The landscape shared by the five municipalities is increasingly becoming a resource for a new form of tourism, based on the environmental patrimony and the culinary excellences, and represents a key component of Sardinian cultural and natural heritage. The lagoon of Santa Gilla, the coasts and the fields, to name a few, as well as the historical and archaeological sites along the path, like the ancient town of Nora or the nuragic complex Antigori in Sarroch. Together with the other underwriters, the Municipality of Cagliari, leading the protection project, promotes a landscape – conscious culture, for a wider and wider popular participation in the territorial administration.



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