362nd Feast of Sant'Efisio

from May 01, 2018 to May 04, 2018

EPHYSIUS - Exhibition at the Archaeological Museum

Among the fervour of Saint veneration, the wide program to recognize the Festival as an intangible cultural heritage of UNESCO and the birth of a religious pilgrimage, the National Archaeological Museum of Cagliari has decided to give its own contribution bringing back the events at the historical moment of martyrdom in 303 AD, when at the time of the Emperor Diocletian the soldier Ephysius was sent to the Roman Kalares to fight the Christians.

The story of  Ephysius and the detailed studies of the numerous researchers who collaborated in the exhibition will flow in the museum setting among the Neolithic goddesses, the Nuragic bronzes, the Giants of Mont'e Prama, the Punic stele, the Roman finds, the first traces of Christianity, the Byzantine bas-reliefs of the island of San Macario (Pula), exhibited for the first time at the museum, to finally arrive among the traditional folk costumes and precious relics kept by the Confraternity of the Saint.

For further information: https://bit.ly/2v6hYJS

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