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Art, archaeology, nature and religion are the keywords of this itinerary; you can admire some of the many beauties that characterize the city.
Visit to Stampace district

The Stampace district was built in the thirteenth century, at the foot of the imposing castle walls. In the past it housed numerous workshops of artists and craftsmen. Today its streets are crossed by numerous tourists, enchanted by monumental churches such as the Collegiate Church of Sant'Anna and the church of San Michele which stand out along Azuni Street. Do not miss a visit to the church and prison of Sant'Efisio, the warrior martyr, protagonist of a centuries-old religious procession that in the first days of May brings the whole neighbourhood to the fore. There are numerous suggestive archaeological sites: from the crypt of Santa Restituta which tells the millenary history of the city to the Villa of Tigellio up to the Roman Amphitheatre and the nearby Botanical Garden.


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  • A

    Roman Amphitheatre

    Viale Sant'Ignazio da Laconi
    Ingr. fronte Centro Solidarietà G. Paolo II

    The Roman Amphitheatre of Cagliari, dates from the end of the first and the first half of the second century AD, is placed along the southern hillside of Buoncammino.

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  • B

    Beato Nicola da Gesturi Exhibition

    Viale Sant’Ignazio da Laconi, 94

    The exhibition is composed of three sections: the main one features items from the life of Beato Nicola of Gesturi and the documents from the process that led to his canonization.

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  • C

    Botanical Garden

    Viale S. Ignazio da Laconi, 9-11
    Dipartimento Scienze Botaniche Univ.di Cagliari

    The botanical garden is directed by the University of Cagliari and streched for 5 hectares. Currently the garden contains about 2000 species, predominantly of Mediterranean origin but with a good collection of succulents and tropical plants as well.

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  • D

    Tigellio's Villa

    Via Carbonazzi, 7

    One of the most important archaelogical site of Sardinia, the aristocratic Tigellio's Villa bear witness to Roman expansion into the western part of the city.

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  • E

    Church of Saint Michele

    Via Ospedale, 2

    Saint Michele is a Jesuit church located in the ancient Stampace district, between via Azuni and via Ospedale. The church has an attached structure, the former Jesuit Novitiate House, that nowaday hosts the Military Hospital.

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  • F

    Church of Saint Restituta

    Via Sant'Efisio, 14

    It is placed on a small square in Stampace district and rises above an hypogeum known as the Crypt of Santa Restituta. It has a single nave with sidelong chapels and a mezzanine chancel; during the bombings in 1943, the church was seriously injured.

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  • G

    Church of Saint Efisio (Stampace)

    Via Sant'Efisio

    The Church of St. Efisio is located in the medieval Stampace district and dates back to 430 AD. It was built above the cave which, according to the tradition, was the prison of the saint before his martyrdom.

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  • H

    Church of St. Anna

    Via Azuni

    The church is located in the old Stampace district, a few steps away from Piazza Yenne. The impressive structure is characterized by a wonderful staircase. The structure of the church is a typical exemple of Piedmontese Baroque architecture.

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  • I

    Church of Saint Chiara

    Salita Santa Chiara, snc

    It's a monumental church located in Salita Saint Chiara, nearby piazza Yenne. Dating back to 1690, it has the interior in the Baroque style with a nave and lateral chapels.

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