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Ideal itinerary for people who want to take a walk in the tiny streets of this ancient district, once inhabitated by fishermen and traders, to enjoy its historical and religious patrimony or to taste the delicious local dishes and wines.
Visit to Marina district

This is a tour designed for those who want to stroll through the narrow streets of the old Marina district and enjoy its historical and religious heritage, maybe do some multi-ethnic shopping and also to sit and taste typical products and those from all over the world.

The itinerary includes the Church of San Francesco da Paola, the Church of Sant'Eulalia, built in the fourteenth century by the Catalans, where the Pisan tower of Lapola (ancient name of the Marina district) and the church of S. Maria del Porto were located. The site is also known for the Archaeological Area of Sant'Eulalia and to the church is attached the Museum of the Treasure of S. Eulalia, where vestments and sacred works of Sardinian craftsmen from the 16th to the 19th century are kept.
Then we find the monumental Church of Sant'Agostino; the monumental Church of San Sepolcro, full of interesting furnishings and works of art and the monumental Church of Sant'Antonio Abate.
We conclude our walk in the upper part of the Marina district, where we find the Church of Santa Rosalia, also known by the name of San Salvatore, one of the most dear and venerated saints by the Sardinians.


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  • A

    Church of Saint Francesco da Paola

    Via Roma

    Formerly called "San Francesco al Molo", it was erected by the Order of the Minim Friars in the 17th century. The interior consists of one nave with three side chapels; the high altar preserves an 18th century wood carving of San Francesco da Paola.

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  • B

    Church of Saint'Eulalia

    Piazza Sant'Eulalia

    It was built in fourteenth century by Catalans, in the area were existed the Pisan tower named Lapola (ancient name of the Marina district) and the medieval Church of S. Maria del Porto.

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  • C

    Archaeological Area of Saint Eulalia

    Vico del Collegio, 2
    Ingresso dal cortile del cinteatro di Sant'Eulalia

    In the historic district of Marina, there can be found the widest urban archaelogical way of all Sardinia.

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  • D

    Museum of the Treasure of Sant'Eulalia

    Vico del Collegio, 2
    adiacenze Chiesa di Santa Eulalia

    The museum complex features art and documents (16th - 19th century) from the churches of St. Eulalia, St. Sepolcro, St. Lucia. The underground archaeological area displays a street, a pit and a cistern, dating back to the Roman age.

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  • E

    Church of Sant'Agostino

    Via Baylle, 80

    The Church of Sant'Agostino was built around 1577 in Renaissance style, in Marina district; the main entrance is located in via Baylle but there is a secondary entrance that leads to Largo Carlo Felice.

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  • F

    Church of the Holy Sepulcher

    Piazza San Sepolcro

    This Monumental Church rich in interesting art works was founded, according to some sources, by the Templars in the 13th century. Below the church is an impressive Crypt.

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  • G

    Church of Saint'Antonio Abate

    Via Manno

    It is one of the monumental churches of Cagliari and it is located in Via Manno, in Marina district. The current building dates back to the eighteenth century and it is situated above a former structure.

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  • H

    Church of Saint Rosalia

    Via Torino

    The church is located in a high area of Marina district, near piazza Costituzione. Dates from fifteenth century and was built as a vote to Santa Rosalia for the frequent plagues. The church contains the relics of San Salvador da Horta, for this reaso

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