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An itinerary to discover the main underground spots of the town, between archaeology and nature, art and faith.
Underground Cagliari

This itinerary includes the exploration of the main hypogeic sites of the city, including archeology, nature, art and spirituality.
In the historic district of the Marina, the largest urban archaeological route in Sardinia develops, that of the Archaeological area of Saint Eulalia, which is entered from the courtyard of the cinema of Sant'Eulalia. Then we continue in San Sepolcro Square to admire the homonymous crypt, one of the hypogeic spaces among the most fascinating in the city. Continuing, in Saint Efisio street, 14, we find the Crypt of Saint Restituta, located under the homonymous church, in the historic district of Stampace. The crypt is partly a natural cave, partly carved out of the rock. As well, in Saint Efisio street we can admire the crypt of the patron saint, which is located under the homonymous church. The crypt of Sant'Efisio is one of the most important religious destinations in the city as it is considered the place of imprisonment of the martyr Efisio, revered and celebrated by the people of Cagliari every May 1st. Finally, in Palazzo Square there is the Cathedral of Saint Maria, with the homonymous crypt under, in which numerous characters are buried. The only part that can currently be visited is the Sanctuary of the Martyrs, called this way because inside it there are 179 niches engraved with the names of the saints.


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Legs of the route

  • A

    Archaeological Area of Saint Eulalia

    Vico del Collegio, 2
    Ingresso dal cortile del cinteatro di Sant'Eulalia

    In the historic district of Marina, there can be found the widest urban archaelogical way of all Sardinia.

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  • B

    Crypt of Santo Sepolcro

    Piazza San Sepolcro

    The crypt of Santo Sepolcro is one of the most fascinating hypogeums of the town.

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  • C

    Crypt of Santa Restituta

    Via Sant'Efisio, 14

    The crypt is in part a natural cave, in a measure dug into the rock; it is situated below the church of Santa Restituta, in the ancient Stampace district.

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  • D

    Prison of Saint Efisio

    Via Sant'Efisio

    The crypt of Saint Efisio is among the most important religious destinations in town. According to tradition, it is considered the place of imprisonment of the martyr Efisio, revered with celebrations by the inhabitants of Cagliari, every 1st of May.

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  • E

    Crypt of the Cathedral of Santa Maria

    Piazza Palazzo

    Inside the Cathedral there are several underground rooms for the burials of different characters. The only accessible area is the Martyrs' Sanctuary, so called because there are located inside the 179 niches containing the relics of the martyrs of Ca

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