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The culinary tration ranges from meat to sea food, with great imagination. A wide variety of products is chosen fron the weel-stocked markets.
Walking around the Civic Markets

Markets are a not-to-be-missed attraction in Cagliari: the elderly residents remember with affection and nostalgia the Old Market in Largo Carlo Felice, whose remains are still visible next to the Church of Saint Agostino.
The Old Market was built in 1879. In 1954 the market area was sold by the Municipality of Cagliari to some banks and financial institutions.
In the Civic Markets visitors can buy all types of fruit and vegetables, meat, fish, cheeses and bread. The quality of all products is guaranteed: there is even a mycological service for checking mushrooms.
How many people know that in the Markets there are many other services such as, for example, the shoemaker, the knife grinder and the goldsmith? It is even possible to duplicate the keys.
Enjoy the magical atmosphere of the Civic Markets!


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Legs of the route

  • A

    Mercato di Santa Chiara

    Via Scalette Santa Chiara

    Mercato dello storico quartiere di Stampace, ospita rivendite di carne, pesce e generi alimentari.

  • B

    Mercato di San Benedetto

    Via Francesco Cocco Ortu, 50

    Il più grande mercato coperto d'Italia ed uno dei maggiori d'Europa, ospita spazi dedicati alla vendita di pesce, carne, ortofrutta, generi alimentari e servizi vari.

  • C

    Mercato di Sant'Elia

    Via Carta Raspi

    Mercato intercircoscrizionale di Sant'Elia, Monte Mixi e La Palma.

  • D

    Mercato di Is Bingias

    Via della Resistenza

    Mercato della Municipalità di Pirri

  • E

    Mercato di Via Quirra

    Via Quirra
    Is Mirrionis

    Mercato del quartiere Is Mirrionis, ospita spazi dedicati alla vendita di pesce, carne, ortofrutta, generi alimentari e servizi vari.

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