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A special itinerary to discover all the magnificent works by the Sardinian artist Pinuccio Sciola
Pinuccio Sciola's works in Cagliari

Pinuccio Sciola, driven by an innate artistic and cultural inspiration to which he dedicated his whole life, was born in the small village of San Sperate, in Sardinia, and successfully turned the rough and inhospitable environment of his own land into an unprecedented asset.

His artistic career began with a scholarship obtained in 1959 which allowed him to attend the Arts High School of Cagliari, followed by the International Academy of Salzsburg, where he attended classes of Minguzzi, Kokoshka, Vedova and Marcuse among others.

His never-ending curiosity and his eagerness to learn and confront himself to the international scene took him all over the world and he had the opportunity to meet renowned artists like Giacomo Manzù, Fritz Wotruba, Aligi Sassu and Henry Morre.

After his studeis at the University Moncloa of Madrid and his Spanish experience, he came back to his village with the idea of sharing with his fellow countrymen what he had discovered: the "white walls" revolution had started. In 1973, thanks to a UNESCO acknowledgement he worked with the artist David Alfaro Siqueiros in Mexico Ciy. With this artistic and social experience in muralism, he turned his own village into a "Museum Village"in which hundred of outdoor works of art cohabit.

in over forty years, Sciola's works  have been displayed all over the world in prestigious exhibition sites, but it was in 1996 that his artistic research opened the art world to a totallly new and unexpected reality: the Maestro revealed to the world the magic sound of the stone, a hard and static matter in essence, but from now on capable of being perceived through another sense, that of hearing, and not only through touch or sight. His works vibrate, emit sounds and communicate the force of nature and the power of the earth.

List of Sciola's works in Cagliari

- Via Roma, port
- Viale Bonaria, seat of the Banco di Sardegna
- Via Sonnino, Piazza Gramsci
- Piazza San Lucifero
- Piazza San Cosimo, Basilica of Saint Saturnino
- Piazza Gramsci
- Via Baylle, Sleeping Saint Agostino
- Piazza del Carmine
- Monte Claro Park
- Citadel of Museums
- Mulinu Becciu
- Department of Architecture
- Former Town Hall
- Rector's office of the University of Cagliari
- Via Roma, Town Hall
- Devoto Villa
- Botanical Garden
- "Fratelli Giuseppe e Vittorino Fiori" Garden
- Pontifical Faculty of Theology of Sardinia
- in Pirri, at the "Acentro" car dealership


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