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An itinerary for cruise ship passengers, but suitable for all the visitors who spend a day in Cagliari.
A perfect way to fall in love with the City of the Sun and come back for a longer holiday!
Cagliari in one day

One day to be captivated by Cagliari, to stroll through its cobbled historic quarters, admire its Nuragic-age findings, absorb splendid views, dip your toes in the surf and have a close encounter with the pink flamingoes.


Castello district can be easily reached on foot, through the staircase leading from piazza Yenne to via del Cammino Nuovo or through via Manno, one of the main shopping streets of Cagliari, and via Mazzini.

The bastions of Saint Remy and Santa Croce offer not only a breathtaking view, but also the pleasure of having a drink and tasting the local specialities in various bars and restaurants.

The medieval towers of the Elephant and San Pancrazio overlook two different sides of the hill, while piazza Palazzo lets you discover the real heart of Castello, centre of religious, political and administrative power over the centuries: the Cathedral of Santa Maria, the Royal Palace and the Former Town Hall.

The ancient Royal Arsenal is currently a Citadel of Museums including two national museums (the National Archaeological Museum and the Picture Gallery), a municipal museum (Siamese Art Museum "Stefano Cardu"), a regional ethnographic museum (Luigi Cocco Collection) and the Anatomical Waxes Museum Clemente Susini.

The panoramic tree-lined avenue Buon Cammino links Castello to Stampace district. Walking downhill along viale Sant'Ignazio, you can admire the Roman Amphitheatre and visit the Botanical Garden, then coming back to the starting point.


From piazza Matteotti, facing the port area, CTM buses can take you from the city centre to Molentargius-Saline Regional Park, inhabited by the pink flamingoes all year round, and to Poetto beach. For further information about public transport, visit the website


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Legs of the route

  • A

    Statue of King Carlo Felice

    Largo Carlo Felice

    Bronze sculpture of Carlo Felice, King of Sardinia, made in 1830 by Sardinian sculptor Andrea Galassi.

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  • B

    Elephant Tower

    Via Santa Croce ang. Via Università

    Defensive structure designed by the local architect Giovanni Capula and built by the Pisans in 1307.

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  • C

    Saint Remy Bastion

    Piazza Costituzione
    Tra la via Manno e la via Garibaldi

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  • D

    Saint Mary Cathedral and Bell Tower

    Piazza Palazzo

    Built in the 13th century in the Pisan-Romanesque style, it later underwent trasformations in the Gothic, Baroque and Neo-Romanesque style.

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  • E

    Former Town Hall

    Piazza Palazzo, 6

    The Antico Palazzo di Città has been Cagliari Town Hall since the Middle Ages until the beginning of the XX century. It is located at Piazza Palazzo, in Castello district.

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  • F

    Royal Palace

    Piazza Palazzo, 2

    The Royal Palace, also known as Viceregal, was the ancient residence of the Viceroy under the rule of the Aragonese, the Spanish and the Savoy. Today it is the seat of the Prefecture and the Province of Cagliari.

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  • G

    Santa Croce Bastion

    Via Santa Croce

    The Bastion of Santa Croce offers one of the best views of the upper city; it is located in the Castello district, a few steps from the Tower of the Elephant.

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  • H

    St. Pancras Tower

    Piazza Indipendenza

    Defensive structure designed by local architect Giovanni Capula and built by the Pisans in 1305.

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  • I

    Roman Amphitheatre

    Viale Sant'Ignazio da Laconi
    Ingr. fronte Centro Solidarietà G. Paolo II

    The Roman Amphitheatre of Cagliari, dates from the end of the first and the first half of the second century AD, is placed along the southern hillside of Buoncammino.

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  • J

    Botanical Garden

    Viale S. Ignazio da Laconi, 9-11
    Dipartimento Scienze Botaniche Univ.di Cagliari

    The botanical garden is directed by the University of Cagliari and streched for 5 hectares. Currently the garden contains about 2000 species, predominantly of Mediterranean origin but with a good collection of succulents and tropical plants as well.

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  • K

    Park of Molentargius

    Via La Palma

    The Regional Park of Molentargius - Saline is situated between Cagliari and Quartu S. Elena and includes two freshwater ponds (Bellarosa Minore and Perdalonga) and a saltwater pond (Bellarosa Maggiore o Molentargius).

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  • L

    Poetto Beach

    Lungomare Poetto
    Viale Poetto

    Poetto beach is located in southern Sardinia. It is considered one of the most beautiful beaches of the island and also the favourite beach for the inhabitants of Cagliari, and not only for them.

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