Park of the Rings

Park of the Rings

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Green area in the heart of Sant'Elia district.
Park of the Rings

The Park of the Rings is a green area of ​​45,000 square meters overlooking the seafront of the Sant'Elia district.

The park has been built over an area of ​​twenty-two hectares, which in the past appeared uncultivated and in a state of deterioration.

The preliminary design of the Park of the Rings was conceived by the Portuguese landscape architect João Nunes. The first lot occupies an area of more than four hectares. In the coming moths, a design team will prepare the final/executive project that will allow for the continuation of the works on the remaining eighteen hectares.


The first part of the park contains many interesting elements:

- a new space for outdoor cultural events, which will host theatrical, musical, film, literary and dance events in a setting of poignant beauty;

- the creation of a system of green beaches, which will offer an original alternative to traditional sandy beaches;

- the safeguard of the natural elements, such as the rocky hill and its rich Mediterranean maquis;

- the protection of the Gallery/refuge of the Lazzaretto, an ancient hypogeum seat of a monastic community, more recently used as a bomb shelter during the Second World War;

- the preparation of paths dedicated to pedestrians and cyclists;

- the reorganization of the spaces dedicated to the local street market.

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