Music Park

Music Park

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Opening hours:

January 6am-12am
February 6am-12am
March 6am-12am
April 5:30am-12am
May 5:30am-12am
June 5:30am-12am
July 5:30am-12am
August 5:30am-12am
September 5:30am-12am
October 6:30am-12am
November 6:30am-12am
December 6:30am-12am


Free entrance.

Provided services:

  • Toilet
  • Facilities for elderly and disabled
The area between the Opera Theatre and the T-Hotel is embellished by a five hectares wide urban garden.
Music Park

Designed in a modern architectonic style, the Park is also a beautiful square with an artificial river, wooden platforms, fountains, music and a marble pavement.

Its strategic position, very close to the historical centre, but also to the Opera Theatre and to the Auditorium of the Music Conservatory, makes the Music Park one of the most appreciated public spaces in town all the year round, and a perfect setting for events.

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