World War I Memorial Park

World War I  Memorial Park

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Monument commemorating the Sardinian soldiers died during the First World War. Designed by local architect Ubaldo Badas in 1935.
World War I  Memorial Park

The park is dedicated to the fallen of the First World War and was built like the others "remembrance groves" installed in many municipalities in the rest of Italy as well from 1923 onwards. Each tree resembles a fallen soldier from the First World War. It was built in 1935 on a project by the architect Ubaldo Badas, then assistant engineer in the Municipality's Technical Office.

The layout of the monument has a sober taste, unlike many others, and it consists of two beams formed by a granite base and alternating rows of trachyte and Serrenti’s stone on which are reported the dates and names of the most important battles of the great war. The exedra in white limestone and red trachyte (to recall the insignia of the Sassari Brigade) on whose structure the names of the fallen are reported is in the center between the two bundles.

The fence is made of metal spheres and limestone stones, joined by chains.

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