Martini's brothers Commemorative Plaque

Martini's brothers Commemorative Plaque

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Plaque commemorating local historian Pietro Martini (1800-1866) and his brothers Antonio and Michele, both remarkable scholars as well.
Martini's brothers Commemorative Plaque

The municipality of Cagliari dedicated the street in which he was born to Pietro Martini, an important historian, in the Castello district and affixed a plaque dedicated to him and his brothers' memory.

Martini was Secretary of State of Sardinia, deputy, director of the Cagliari University Library and a history researcher continuing the work of Giuseppe Manno. He is the author of the "Sardinian Biography", "Ecclesiastical History of Sardinia", "History of Sardinia from 1799 to 1816" and "Compendium of the history of Sardinia" and at his death, in 1866, he left all his books to the Municipality which started and formed the civic library of Cagliari.

Together with the brothers Antonio, a lawyer, and Michele, employed in the Royal Archives, Pietro Martini was the animator and most assiduous editor of the "Sardinian Indicator", a periodical of strict monarchist-absolutist observance.

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