Grazia Deledda Commemorative Plaque (3)

Grazia Deledda Commemorative Plaque (3)

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Plaque commemorating Grazia Deledda, Sardinian writer and Nobel Prize winner, who lived in Cagliari in 1899.
Grazia Deledda Commemorative Plaque (3)

In 65, Saint Lucifer street a plaque was placed commemorating the stay in Cagliari of the writer Grazia Deledda. It was in this building that in 1899 the young woman came from Nuoro, determined to work as a journalist. A few steps from Saint Cosimo square and the Basilica of Saint Saturnino. It was an intense year for the future Nobel Prize winner for literature. In the city of the sun, which Grazia renamed the city of love, she met a special man: Palmiro Madesani, who would soon become her husband for life.


The inscription reads:


In this house

where she lived in 1899

devoted to art and hope

Fervid she dreamed hours

Of a thoughtful youth



In the year 1955

Auspice The Friends of the Book Association


In memory of the old building

which hosted Grazia Deledda

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