Grazia Deledda Commemorative Plaque (2)

Grazia Deledda Commemorative Plaque (2)

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Plaque commemorating the centenary of birth of Grazia Deledda, Sardinian writer and Nobel prize winner in 1926.
Grazia Deledda Commemorative Plaque (2)

Grazia Deledda is remembered in Cagliari with three tombstones and a bust in the city hall. Two plaques were placed in Europe Avenue, one of the most beautiful viewpoints in the city, on the occasion of the centenary of the birth of the original literatus from Nuoro, the only Italian female writer to have received the Nobel prize for literature in 1926 with the masterpiece "Reeds in the Wind".

It is likely that, right in Monte Urpinu, the love for Palmiro Madesani, a Mantuan from Cicognara who had been assigned to the offices of the Cagliari finance commission and who asked her in wife a week after meeting her, matured. On the occasion of her wedding, an anthology appeared in the special issue of "The Sardinian Woman", to which some of the greatest intellectuals, born or elected from Cagliari, collaborated: "... we wander the fields. A pine forest seduces us. Oh adorable place ... the deserted green avenues stretch out and in the distance the branches embroider the rosy backgrounds ... Above ... white rocks guard over the mother-of-pearl ponds, furrowed by the slow flight of flamingos and the dark silver sea ".

In 1909, in a "special" of the Milanese "Nature and Art" in honour of the earthquake victims of Messina and Reggio, these verses in prose also appeared: «It seems to be between heaven and earth, in a bath of light, and to travel one of those golden ways of the sea that lead to the unknown east".

The Scano family, the Cambosu institute and especially the Friends of the Book Association chiselled the words of Deledda in the two large bronze tombstones that were discovered in 1972.

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