Giuseppe Dessì Commemorative Plaque

Giuseppe Dessì Commemorative Plaque

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Plaque commemorating the local writer Giuseppe Dessì (1909-1977).
Giuseppe Dessì Commemorative Plaque

Giuseppe Dessì was one of the greatest writers and playwrights of the twentieth century, winner of the Strega prize in 1972 with his masterpiece "Country of the Shadows". He was born in Cagliari to a family originally from Villacidro. In the country seat he attended the Dettori high school, but he spent a good part of his life away from Sardinia, while always remaining present in his narrative tension, a constant background of novels and dramatic tales. His theatrical plays, often represented with great success by the public and critics, contain texts of precise political commitment: "Justice", "There is no war here", "Eleonora d’Arborea"; as well as "La trincea", which inaugurated the second Italian television network in 1962.

To celebrate his literary merits that have given prestige to an entire island, a commemorative plaque was placed in Mazzini street, where the house which saw him come into the world, now demolished, under the Bastion of the Balice, stood.

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