Camarassa Murder Commemorative Plaque

Camarassa Murder Commemorative Plaque

This element belongs to the categories: Pantheon

Plaque commemorating the murder of the Spanish viceroy Don Emanuele Gomez de los Cobos, Marquis of Camarassa, killed by members of Sardinian nobility in 1668.
Camarassa Murder Commemorative Plaque

The Spanish Marquis of Camarassa was the Viceroy assassinated following a conspiracy by a group of Sardinian nobles against the Spanish domination in Sardinia in 1660.

In particular, the Marquis and his servant were tortured with the wheel technique (a medieval torture practice in which the condemned man was tied on a wooden wheel in front of the public that could observe while the executioner fractured the bones of the victim). Then their heads were cut off and displayed on the towers of Saint Pancrazio and of the Elephant as a warning, their assets were confiscated and their fields sprinkled with salt.

In the house from which the rifle shots started, in 32, Canelles street in Cagliari, the monument that the Spaniards erected as a memory of the conspiracy is walled. The inscription is in Spanish and in capital characters with adjoining embellishments and italic strokes.


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