Bust of Giuseppe Verdi

Bust of Giuseppe Verdi

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Bronze bust of Italian Romantic composer Giuseppe Verdi, made in 1901 by local sculptor Pippo Boero.
Bust of Giuseppe Verdi

In 1901, Cagliari was a city in great development and crossed by strong social tensions. Gifted a noticeable sensitivity and undoubted musical culture, it was deeply affected by the disappearance of the great composer Giuseppe Verdi. So, the idea of ​​financing a work that celebrated its figure and art took shape among some citizens.

About 120 centimetres high, the sculpture forged by the Cagliari’s sculptor Pippo Boero portrays the Master half-length, austere and pensive in the face, framed by the unmistakable beard and a hat with wide brim.

Placed on a high and sober Serrenti’s stone pillar, simply bearing the inscriptions "Verdi" and "1901", the figure is adorned with a lyre and with oak and laurel branches, symbolizing respectively the art of music and the extraordinary skill by the author of unrivalled compositions such as Aida and Nabucco.

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