Beach Tower

Beach Tower

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16th century watchtower, built by the Spaniards as part of the coastal defensive system, designed to secure the island against raid or attack from the sea.
Beach Tower

The Spanish Tower, also known as Torre di Mezza Spiaggia (Tower of half-beach), is located along the beach of Poetto, not far from the structure of the former Marine Hospital, in the Municipality of Cagliari.

Its construction dates back to the 16th century, when the Spaniards decided to fortify the entire coast of Sardinia to protect themselves from raids from the sea.

The other Towers are: the Poetto’s tower and the Saint Elia’s tower, on the Devil's Saddle, then westwards; while looking east we find the Tower of Carcangiolas (now reduced to ruin), and the Tower of Foxi, the Tower of Cala Regina and the Tower of Su Fenugu in the locality of Torre delle Stelle.

In the Spanish era, almost all of these towers, with clear skies, were easily visible from each other, making communication between them easy and timely in the event of attacks by raiders.

The structure of the Torre di Mezza Spiaggia is in limestone, truncated-conical in shape, with a height of about eight meters and a small terrace which was accessed from the inside.

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