Porto Canale

Porto Canale

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Industrial port located in the area called "Giorgino", which serves as terminal container.
Porto Canale

The industrial port of Cagliari, commonly known as the “Canal Port” of Cagliari, is an infrastructure located in the locality of Giorgino, where the homonymous district once stood, now largely demolished, and Sa Illetta, an islet joined to the mainland, which enters the Cagliari pond.
Built in the 1980s for sorting and transporting goods in containers, the port is managed by Contship Italia and, due to its strategic position, almost in the center of the Mediterranean and about 56 miles from the Suez-Gibraltar route, it is conceived as a container terminal for the sorting of traffic destined for the main western Mediterranean ports, such as Genoa, Marseille, Naples, Barcelona, etc.

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