Marina Piccola

Marina Piccola

This element belongs to the categories: Harbours

Provided services:

  • Onsite restaurant
  • Bar
  • Toilet
  • Facilities for elderly and disabled
Marina located in the gulf of Cagliari, at the foot of the promontory called Sella del Diavolo, with about 350 boats, some of which are fishing boats. Within the area are also an amphitheater, snack bars and restaurants.
Marina Piccola

The tourist port of Marina Piccola is located in the Gulf of Cagliari, SE of the city, at the foot of the hill called "Sella del Diavolo" and at the base of the Poetto beach, 6 km long, and also called "beach of a hundred thousand" because of the number of bathers who flock to it during peak summer periods. In the Marina there are about 350 boats, including fishing boats. Inside the area there are also an amphitheatre and several dining options. Marina Piccola is 10 minutes from the train and bus station and is well served by public transport. The airport is about 20/25 minutes away by car.

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