Marina di Sant'Elmo

Marina di Sant'Elmo

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Situated within the Port of Cagliari, between the "Darsena del Sale" and the "Nuovo Molo di Levante", it consists of four floating docks and a quay, for a total of up to one kilometer of berthing.
Marina di Sant'Elmo

The Sant'Elmo’s Marina is located in the Port of Cagliari, a crossroads for both mercantile and pleasure boating in the Mediterranean. It is located between the Darsena del Sale and the New Molo di Levante, and consists of four floating piers and a quay, for a total of more than one kilometer of docking.

It offers about 300 seats and ground access is delimited in all its perimeter by fence and is monitored by a video surveillance system. The Marina is classified as a cardio-protected port: in fact, it has qualified personnel for defibrillator interventions in emergencies at sea or on land.
The Marina has an uncovered area of about 10,000 square meters where boats with displacement up to 30 tons are hospitalized, maintained and repaired.
There is a fully equipped Club House which offers: changing rooms, showers, toilets, washing machine and dryer. There is also a bar restaurant with an adjoining terrace overlooking the sea, where you can enjoy fresh fish dishes or drinks in complete relaxation and have Wi-Fi.

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