Marina di Bonaria (Su Siccu)

Marina di Bonaria (Su Siccu)

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Situated within the Port of Cagliari, between the "Nuovo Bacino di Levante" and the "Darsena del Sale", it can accomodate about 300 boats. Some of the wharves within the dock are reserved for members of the "Lega Navale Italiana".
Marina di Bonaria (Su Siccu)

The Marina di Bonaria port ("Su Siccu" dock) is located inside the port of Cagliari, opposite the Bonaria Sanctuary, between the “New Levino Basin” and the “Salt Darsena”.

Inside the dock there are 302 berths. The dock is located inside a big commercial port, with large moving units; anchoring and fishing are prohibited inside the port area and can be accessed with a maximum speed of 3 knots.

While refuelling can only be carried out within the port of Cagliari, at the marina of Bonaria, "Su Siccu harbour" there are water and electricity outlets, a slide, a slipway, a fixed crane up to 2,5 tons and an outdoor storage.

It is also possible to have engine, hull and sail repair services. The Su Siccu dock offers security and fire-fighting services, waste collection, toilets and showers, car parking, and there is a telephone booth.

The "Walk to Su Siccu" is a suggestive path on the highly recommended promenade, from which, in addition to the sea, you can admire the famous staircase of the Basilica of Bonaria from below.

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