Kal' e Moru beach

Kal' e Moru beach

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  • Bar
  • Toilet
The beautiful beach is located near Geremeas (Quartu S.Elena Municipality).
Kal' e Moru beach

The beautiful beach of Kal’e Moru is situated near Geremeas, in the Municipality of Quartu Sant’Elena. Here, the closeness with the Park of Sette Fratelli and the sea creates a suggestive show. The beach ( 3 kilometres long ), has a white sand bottom and is surrounded by rocks. Its name is related to the Saracen invasion (they were called also “Morus”), which have visited these coasts for a long time. A low sea bottom and a continuous wind make Kal’e Moru the ideal place for surfers and also for people who love fishing under water.



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