Quarta Regia Tower

Quarta Regia Tower

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Remains of a medieval Aragonese watchtower. It was also the place where fishermen would pay their taxes to the Crown. Taxation amounted to the fourth share of the catch ("Quarta Regia"), hence the name of the tower.
Quarta Regia Tower

It is called “Torre della Quarta Regia” because, under the government of the Crown of Spain, and until 1954, a tax corresponding to a quarter of the catch was collected there, first by payment in kind and then by a cash payment.

Also known as Torre della Scafa, it was a watchtower manned by two men that had existed since at least 1598.

The structure was seriously damaged by a storm in November 1898 and it was later rebuilt with significant rearrangements and adjustments. Originally it was truncated cone-shaped with dimensions similar to those of other contemporary towers located in the Gulf of Cagliari, while the current shape is cylindrical with reinforced concrete floors to obtain two small rooms on which some windows for lighting have been inserted. A spiral staircase connects the two levels of the tower and allows access to the terrace. On the upper part of the facade there is a brick frieze. The height of the tower exceeds 8 meters for a diameter of 4.4 meters. The building, owned by the Autonomous Region of Sardinia, has undergone further restoration, which was completed at the end of 2017 by the Regional Coastal Conservation Agency.

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