Fort of Saint Ignazio

Fort of Saint Ignazio

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The ruins of the Fort of Sant'Elia, improperly known as "Fortino di Sant'Ignazio", arise in an area of ​​the Saint Elia's hill. The building is located on a privileged panoramic point from which you can enjoy a complete view of the city.
Fort of Saint Ignazio

The ruins of the Fort of St. Elias, improperly known as the Fort of St. Ignazio , are situated in an area of St. Elias hill. The building is located on a panoramic point from which is possible to enjoy a full view of the city.

The construction of the fort is dated to the end of 1792. It was designed by the military engineer Franco Lorenzo, to cope with the French attacks from the sea.
The original design included a pentagonal fortification, provided with various towers, a tank and a moat and armed with more than fifty guns. Works were never accomplished, giving rise to the building of a bastion with a quadrilateral plan, unique in Sardinia, with only two towers, an incomplete moat, without tank and with a small number of cannons.
In 1804 the fort lost its military function and served as a shelter for sick with contagious diseases. However, during World War II its strategic position was reassessed as a lookout point against enemies.

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