Feminine and Masculine Figures

Feminine and Masculine Figures

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Sculptures of archetypal feminine and masculine figures , carved in travertine, marble and granite by the Sardinian sculptor Costantino Nivola (1911-1988).
Feminine and Masculine Figures

All the sculptures by Costantino Nivola manifest the deep roots in the millenary culture of Sardinia. His works are present in museums and galleries around the world, from the USA to the various municipalities of his homeland. In Cagliari we can admire those present around the building of the Region, of which he also signed the urban plan.

The art of Nivola originates from traditional materials that he learned to work in Sardinia and materializes in the USA, where the major representatives of the current artistic currents dwell.

His sculptures recall those of primitive civilization and take up their original substantial form and attention to the passionate expressiveness of the material. Another important feature of Nivola's sculptures is the desire to bring them into harmony and communication with the surrounding space and make everything as universal as possible.

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