Ambon of Charles V

Ambon of Charles V

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Fine XVI century sculpted tribune, coming from the ancient and no longer existing St. Francis Church. From this seat, the powerful Holy Roman Emperor Charles V (1500 – 1558) attended mass during his visit to Cagliari in 1535.
Ambon of Charles V

The Pulpit of Charles V, from the destroyed church of San Francesco di Stampace in Cagliari and currently in the entrance porch of the church of San Michele in the same neighbourhood, is an emblematic example of medieval art, in marble, in which classicistic forms still late Gothic styles are combined in amalgamation with mannerist ones.

In the Pulpit there is engraved the celebratory memory of the emperor Charles V, who, in 1535, chose Cagliari as the starting point of the expedition against the barbarians of North Africa.

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