Onnis-Bellegrandi Palace

Onnis-Bellegrandi Palace

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The building has four facades overlooking piazza Independenza, Via Martini, vico Martini and via Canelles.
Onnis-Bellegrandi Palace
Among the historic districts, Castello has fewer Art Nouveau works than the others, but some ancient buildings are an exception because during the twentieth century they were renovated and decorated with floral motifs, especially in the balconies.
The Onnis-Bellegrandi (former Chapelle) Palace boasts a valuable decorative apparatus. The fronts overlooking Via Canelles and Via Martini spread over two floors, characterized by windows and balconies with wrought iron railings.
On the internal façade overlooking Via Martini, a splendid female bust, built in Liberty style, catches visitors' attention.
On the façade overlooking Piazza Indipendenza, there is a seventeenth-century plaque commemorating the construction of a fountain, at the expense of the municipality. The water for the fountain came from the well of Santa Lucia, about 90 meters deep. On the same wall there is also an iscription dating back to the fascist period: it is a part of the speech given by Mussolini on 9 May 1936, when Il Duce proclaimed the Italian empire. The inscription (partially visible today) says: "The Italian people created the Empire with their blood, will fertilize it with their work, defend it against anyone with their weapons. Mussolini".


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